By Lauren Lipton

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –– American Way is the in-flight magazine for American Airlines, and in this month’s issue Philadelphia shines bright.

fishtown Positively Philadelphia: Airline Magazine Shines Spotlight On Philly

Meryl Levitz. President and CEO of Visit Philadelphia. (Credit: Lauren Lipton )

“It’s on every seat back on the plane, if you fly American Airlines in the month of October, you’ll see ten pages on Philadelphia and the wonders of it,” said Meryl Levitz.

Meryl Levitz is President and CEO of Visit Philadelphia.

“If you flick on your video, you will see a 6 minute food video that talks about how you can eat your way through Philadelphia.  This will reach 18 million fliers.”

And one of the city’s neighborhoods is front and center.

“Everybody in travel always wants to know what’s next, so there is a whole six page section on Fishtown which American Airlines chose as being very emblematic of the new neighborhood development in and around Philadelphia. They found its transformation from manufacturing days to the home for arts and crafters and millennials and now coffee shops and bakeries and makers to be very fascinating,” said Levitz,