By Andrew Kramer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Less than a week after the deadliest mass shooting in US history, dozens of Philadelphians joined in prayer Saturday night.

It was special mass at the Cathedral Basilica “To pray for all the victims in the Las Vegas massacre last Sunday,” said Father Dennis Gill.

One that Father Dennis Gill says offered healing.

“Pray for those who died, those who were injured, and really for all of us affected by that horiffic event,” he said.

candle vigil Vigil For Vegas Victims Held At Cathedral Basilica

(credit: Andrew Kramer)

He says it’s important for the church to bring people together in situations like this.

“Also, there’s a strength and comfort when people come together themselves in the face of such tragedy. Often times they’re upset and disoriented, but in the company of other people they find strength,” he said.

Jo was one of dozens there.

“We keep them in our hearts and hope that no where this will continue,” she said.

Candles were also lit, one for each victim killed in the shooting.