By Andrew Kramer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Ever wonder what it would feel like to survive the apocalypse? Philadelphia’s newest restaurant gives you a pretty good idea.

Sitting along Frankford Avenue, it puts a whole new twist on the end of days.

“Mad Rex is the first post apocalyptic-themed restaurant in the world,” General Manager Nick Stefanou tells KYW Newsradio.

The concept is you just survived the apocalypse, and Mad Rex is your first stop.

“You walk in and you have an airplane that crashed through,” explains Stefanou. “We have smoke coming out of the tail end there. We have a helicopter right on the patio. Also you have a chandelier with a sword hanging down. Decor unlike anything else.”

PHOTOS: Mad Rex VIP Grand Opening Party

You’re pretty much trying to survive on your own. And while servers do bring you food…

“Our signature dish is black rock cooking where you’ll get seared protein meats…steak, filet, chicken fish and salmon. You’ll be able to cook off your food at your table with seasoning and spices and sauce as well.”

Wash that all down with signature cocktails ranging from 12 Mile Hike to Brine Yard to Last Sunrise to Scorched Earth and more.

Oh, did we mention there’s a Virtual Reality Lounge? Or you can reserve a spot in the Virtual Reality Chamber.

“It’s more exclusive,” explains Stefanou. “There’s nine seats with locked cabinets. Also you’ll have a camelbak pouch. You’ll be able to drink you’re favorite beverage out of there.”

The reception was positive on opening night. Chris says you do, indeed, feel like you just survived the apocalypse

“The people are dressed up in costumes that resemble that and they have the weapons on the wall over there, so you do feel that,” he says.

More information on Mad Rex is available here.