By Jim Melwert

BUCKS COUNTY (CBS) — As the US Supreme Court has declared automatic life sentences for juveniles unconstitutional, a new sentence is given to a Bucks county man who pleaded guilty to the brutal murder of a classmate back in 1978.

Forty-five years to life in prison for John Lekke, which means he will be eligible for parole in about six years.

Lekke and his friend Bob Buli pleaded guilty to the 1978 murder of 17-year-old Diane Goeke.

The pair led her into the woods in Middletown, then Lekke hit her with a 2×4 as Buli held her. They beat her with pipes, and left her for dead. They returned later that night, and found her still alive, so they dropped a 200-plus pound piece of concrete on her head.

Prosecutor Jennnifer Schorn says Lekke and Buli knew what they were going to do as they led Goeke into the woods that day, but Goeke had no idea.

“She goes in there smiling, laughing thinking it’s horseplay until she is brutally attacked and attacked and attacked,” Schorn said.

Lekke told the court he is sorry for what he has done, and his attorney Stuart Wilder says over the past four decades, Lekke has worked hard to better himself.