PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Doctors are warning too much social media in the wake of tragedies could be harmful to our health.

Health experts say news websites, social media and TV can often take a toll in our homes and at work.

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“We worry a lot about background TV at home, where the TV is just on, because in a way that’s the second hand smoke of the digital age,” said Dr. Chip Donohue with the Erickson Institute.

That’s why they’re urging viewers to train themselves to know when it’s time to turn off the TV or put down the phone.

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“At some point, you know when enough is enough so you don’t have to consume every single image to know what you have to do tomorrow,” said another doctor.

Doctors says it’s also important to remember how news of tragic events can affect children.

Of course, they say it isn’t a bad thing to be informed, but people should take in information in healthy doses.