By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A local hospital is offering a new resource for cancer patients in Philadelphia.

On Monday, officials opened the Sidney Kimmel Welcome Center at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

“This will serve as a central arrival point for many patients to Center City Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center,” said Dr. Leonard Gomella with Jefferson Hospital. “We will escort patients to their first appointment.”

(credit: Holli Stephens)

Dr. Gomella says the facility brings all of their cancer support services under one roof.

“We have social workers here who are very skilled at helping patients work through the insurance, as well as legal issues,” he said. “We have support programs.”

Greg Garber with Jefferson Hospital says the facility is designed to physically and mentally support cancer patients through a number of different activities.

“Such as yoga, mindfulness-based stress reduction, art therapy, music therapy and other modalities that are kind of in high demand and great for our patients,” Garber explained.

Officials say this new facility and its resources are free to all cancer patients throughout the region, not just those at Jefferson.