By Andrew Kramer

WEST CHESTER, Pa. (CBS) – From San Juan to Fort Lauderdale to North Jersey to West Chester.

That was the journey of dozens of dogs the Brandywine Valley SPCA brought in to their facility Monday night.

“All of these animals were in shelters before [Hurricane Maria] hit,” explains Linda Torelli with the BVSPCA. “Some of the shelters have been damaged and needed assistance as a result, but there’s also an overwhelming of animals trying to get into the shelters because of all of the flooding and devastation in the area.”

She says they’ve been monitoring the situation closely these past few weeks:

“When we started seeing the devastation from Maria it was really heartbreaking because you knew there were animals that were displaced, injured, in fear, so when we had the opportunity to step up we were really excited to find a way to help these animals.”

Which they’re doing by taking them into their shelter for you to adopt.

“Our goal is to get these animals into homes as quickly as possible,” Torelli says, “so they can start enjoying a good life after they’ve really been through a lot.”

She says now is as good a time as any to adopt:

“”If you’ve been thinking about adopting it’s a great time to come out to any of our adoption centers to adopt, either an animal from Puerto Rico or an animal that will help make space to bring in more of those animals in need.”

But if adoption isn’t an option for you right now…

“Donations are a huge help,” says Torelli. “We’re doing this work on top of our existing, local work.”

To make a donation, CLICK HERE.

Last month, the BVSPCA brought in animals following Hurricane Harvey as well.