3pm- While speaking with reporters, Donald Trump expressed unhappiness with Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price’s decision to unnecessarily use government funded private jets for transportation. 

3:05pm- Earlier today, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan announced the Congressional plan for tax reform. 

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3:10pm- Would suspending the 1920’s Jones Act allow Puerto Rico to get hurricane aid more swiftly? 

3:30pm- While speaking in Indianapolis, President Trump discussed his goals for tax reform which included a simplified tax code, lower corporate tax rates, and the largest tax cut in the country’s history. 

4:10pm- In last night’s Alabama Senate Primary, Judge Roy Moore defeated sitting Senator Luther Strange to become the Republican Nominee. 

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5:35pm- While speaking with Charlie Rose, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said that she believed sexism played a roll in Hillary Clinton’s presidential defeat. 

5:40pm- During an interview with CBS’ Charlie Rose, Hillary Clinton compared President Trump to Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

5:45pm- San Antonio Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich stated that he believes white people must be made “uncomfortable” in order for racism to end.

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