By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Some tiny Philadelphians got a big lesson in fire safety.

Wednesday’s trip to the Engine 16 Fire Station in West Philadelphia, gave first and second graders at Global Leadership Academy a chance to get a hands on lesson about what firefighters do and what they can do to prevent and help in case of a fire.

“We try to get them interested in fire safety, and take some tips home for their parents,” said teacher Rachel Veronis.

Veronis says this hands on experience really drives the message of fire safety home to her young students.

“This is the kind of thing that they’re going to remember because they got to see it, they got to go through the fire house, they got to see how the fire truck works. They got to try on the helmets, and all those experiences just bring the classroom to life,” said Veronis.

And just about every kid who received the fire safety lesson said seeing how the apparatus works was their favorite part.

“I like the fire truck with the loud sound,” said one student.

“I liked the fire truck and the button was cool,” said another student.

The trip to the firehouse may lead to some future Philadelphia firefighters.

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