By Dom Giordano

Philadelphia (CBS) – Across the country Sunday, NFL players reacted to President Donald Trump’s comments regarding kneeling or sitting out when the national anthem is played prior to the start of NFL games. Republican National Committee Chairwoman, Ronna Romney McDaniel, told The Dom Giordano Program on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that the protest actions of some players weighs heavily on Trump.

“He is the one who sees the flag draped caskets when they come back to our country. He is the one who sends our men and women into harm’s way.  So for him to say, ‘respect our flag, stand for the flag and the anthem’, that is exactly what the President should be doing. And as these players, who are millionaires, are sitting there in the land of opportunity, seeing their dreams realized. This is not the venue to  disrespect those who are giving the ultimate service to our country.”

McDaniel says despite the issues in our country that we all need to work together on, this is not about race.

“I just don’t think this is the format or the forum to be sitting down during our anthem, to be kneeling and not respecting our flag. Especially when we do have so many serving our country overseas, they’re of all ethnicities, and they’re men and they’re women. I just think it’s disrespectful.  And the President of all people I think, carries that weight on his shoulders. When he’s expanding our troop level in Afghanistan like he just recently decided to do, when we’re looking at what we have to face with North Korea, when you look at a President who took action decisively in Syria as they’re poisoning women and children with chemical weapons. This is a President who has the weight of lives on his shoulders, and so I don’t blame him for getting upset saying ‘respect our flag, respect our veterans, respect our service men and women’.”

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