By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A local university looks to raise awareness, in an effort to curtail human trafficking.

One of the missions of Gwynedd Mercy University is to address issues facing women. And for a little more than a year, they’ve been teaching their students about human trafficking issues that are a reality for women right here in the Delaware Valley

“We developed a course on human trafficking, which really is focused on helping our students understand the realities of human trafficking, that it’s not something that happens elsewhere, that it’s something that happens here in our communities, said Mary Sortino with Gwynedd Mercy University.

She says they’re now taking their teachings of human trafficking outside of the classroom, by holding panel discussions about it for the public.

Their latest panel takes place this upcoming Wednesday.

“We have a panel of experts on human trafficking who are going to speak about the need to raise awareness,” she said. “The reality of human trafficking in our communities.”

You can find more information about the panel on the university’s website by clicking here.