By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Eight bills introduced in to Philadelphia City Council on Thursday would repeal laws that have become outdated and unenforced. It’s just the beginning of an effort to streamline the city code.

Councilman Derek Green introduced the bills that would — among other things — eliminate the need for medical exams before getting a marriage license, drop restrictions on electronic scanners at check-out counters and allow tailgating at athletic arena parking areas.

“A lot of things that should not be in the code or were done some years ago or decades ago,” said Green.

The bills were recommended by the Special Committee of Regulatory Review and Reform, a group comprising council, the Kenney Administration and the business community. It was created earlier this year after a falling out between the city and the Chamber of Commerce that had the Chamber accusing the city of being anti-business. Green says this is a step toward disproving that.

“I think what’s most important about this initiative is that this is the executive branch, the legislative branch and the private sector working together,” he said.

Green says more reform is on the way.