Me, Myself & I, is coming to a television near you starting on September 25th at 9:30 PM EST. CBS’ newest comedy tells the story of Alex Riley, an inventor from Chicago who gets uprooted to Los Angeles at a young age and has to adjust to a whole new life. Alex’s life on the show unfolds in three different periods all at once as we see him experience age 14, age 40 and age 65.

Bobby Moynihan takes the reigns as 40-year-old Alex. Moynihan spoke with CBS Local’s Matt Weiss to discuss how he got involved with the project, “sharing” a character and what it’s like portraying a Bulls fan as an east coast native.

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MW- Hey Bobby, how’s it going?

BM- Hey, how are you?

MW- Doing good! Monday, September 25th, Me, Myself & I premieres on CBS at 9:30 eastern, you play Alex Riley a guy from Chicago who gets transplanted to Los Angeles. The show is pretty unique and ambitious in that it features Alex in three different periods of his life played by three different actors. What was it about this project that caught your eye?

BM- When I first read the script that Dan Kopelman wrote I just kind of fell in love with it. It is a pretty lofty premise with these three different timelines but the way that it was written was so seamless and so wonderful. Its really, really funny and full of heart and I just enjoyed the script so much that I was on board. Then I met with Dan and the people on board and I kind of fell in love with them and here we are!

MW- Now I know you’re a northeast guy and I am as well, is it difficult for you play a Bulls fan?

BM- [laughs] Yea, I’m a diehard Giants fan because of my father so that’s it. It doesn’t even cross sports, you’re only a Giants fan in the Moynihan household.

MW- Sounds like a bit of a struggle.

BM- Oh yea.

MW- The show’s three different time periods all run within the same episode so Jack Dylan Grazer plays the 14-year-old Alex, John Laroquette plays the 65-year-old Alex and then you, of course, play Alex at 40. What’s it like sharing a character with these other actors?

BM- It’s interesting. It’s hard because we’re never on camera together but we’re all playing the same person so we try to meet up before hand and have a couple little nods to the fact that we’re playing the same person. A couple little gestures or some mannerisms that we all do the same. The character of Alex is so well written that we just hit the ground running as far as the tone of it. We just try to connect them as much as possible because we will never work together on camera unless we get to like season six, jump the shark and do some weird dream sequence or something [laughs].

MW- Was that a spoiler?

BM- No, I don’t think so, I think they’re actively trying not to do that [laughs].

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MW- Well that makes sense. There will be another familiar face to many in the audience on Me, Myself & I because Jaleel White is on the show.

BM- Yea, yea, yea he’s the best.

MW- What’s your experience been like working with him?

BM- He’s the greatest! He’s a really smart, talented, wonderful, funny man and a good dad. He’s teaching me a lot about the sitcom world and he’s a complete pro, he’s been in the business for a while. A lot of my scenes are with Jaleel, he plays my best friend I’m living in his garage with my daughter. We hit it off swimmingly and he’s really, really super fun to work with.

MW- If you could learn sitcoms from anyone…

BM- …you might as well do it from Urkel!

MW- [Laughs] Exactly. Alex is an inventor on the show, are there any inventions you’ve ever thought of that you feel like could be a million dollar idea?

BM- Probably but they’re all probably pretty stupid. I’d feel pretty ignorant if I had something that good and I didn’t use it or even worse having something that’s ridiculous and thinking it’s great [laughs].

MW- Me, Myself & I, three different phases of one man’s life. Can you give me three phrases to describe the show?

BM- Funny. Heartwarming. Half-hour long [laughs].

MW- Nailed it, well Bobby thanks so much for talking to me today and good luck with the premiere!

BM- Awesome, thanks man. Take care!

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Me, Myself & I premieres Monday, September 25th at 9:30 PM EST. Check your local listings for more information.