By Joe Holden

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — While many heeded evacuation orders before Hurricane Irma came close to the Florida coast — others say the call to get out came too late.

Philly natives Dr. Abbe Forman and Dr. Shelly Komito now living in Cape Coral say the call to evacuate came too late.

“The shelters were already full by then, or pretty close to it,” said Dr. Abbe Forman

Plus, they say gas was nowhere to be found. So the decision to stay it seems was all but made for them.

“Our house has hurricane windows, and we have hurricane shutters in the back,” said Dr. Shelly Komito.

Over FaceTime they gave us a tour, and you can see the swaying mango and avocado trees.

“When it’s not a hurricane they’re avocados, during a hurricane they’re missiles,” said Forman.

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Wind-whipped palm trees, a pool now over-filled, brimming with rain water. This has been their home for five years.

“Our neighbors are all here, but we are in zone B which was the last to evacuate,” Forman said. “We expect within the next couple hours, when the wind picks up, we’ll lose power.”

Along with their five pets, these two women have not lost their cool or sense of humor.

Did I mention their loyalty to the Eagles?

“Win! Come on, we’re still behind you,” said Forman. “This is what we are worried about in a hurricane – worried about the fact we’re going to miss the Eagles game.”

Humor aside, they are well aware of the deadly potential this storm has. They have a safe place in their home – a bathroom with no windows.
They’ll go there should it come to that.


CBS 3’s Chelsea Ingram has the latest on tracking Hurricane Irma: