By Paul Kurtz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Eagles fans can now take their hatred of the Dallas Cowboys to new levels with the introduction of a beer that is quickly making waves in Philly.

Easton’s Weyerbacher brewery has rolled out “Dallas Sucks” at the suggestion of Casey Parker and Joe Gunn, co-owners of Philadelphia’s Pistolas Mexican pubs and the soon-to-open Del Sur in South Philly.

They describe the new brew as a highly drinkable pale ale.

“We throw the term crushable. It’s a beer that you can have a bunch of at a tailgate. So it’s about 4.5%, it’s really refreshing, slightly hoppy but not overly hopped, it’s really well balanced,” said Parker and Gunn.

They say demand has been sky-high, not only in Philly.

“Apparently the markets in Washington and Philly are also really intersted in it. Our buddies at one of the breweries in North Carolina reached out to me and asked, ‘yo can we get this’? I’m like, ‘I’m sure you can,'” they said.

Dallas Sucks was only available at Jose and Sancho Pistolas through the weekend. As of Monday it’s being released — or more accurately, unleashed –throughout the area.