PLEASANTVILLE  N.J. (CBS)—A teen has been arrested after police say he struck a woman while speeding on a dirt bike in Pleasantville last month.

It happened on Aug. 5 while the 27-year-old woman was standing at the intersection of Main Street and West Jersey Avenue.

Police say a 17-year-old man drove up on the sidewalk recklessly and struck the woman. He then fled the scene without helping the victim or calling police.

The woman suffered serious injuries in the accident.

Authorities say video evidence helped police identify the suspect.

The teen is being charged with assault by auto, leaving the scene of a motor vehicle crash with serious bodily injury and a slew of motor vehicle violations

“This case is the latest example of what we can do as a community when we are able to work together, police and the public, to fight crime and arrest offenders,” said Chief Riggin, with the Pleasantville Police Department.