By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –– Netflix for free: it sounds like a nice deal, and one wireless provider hopes it’s good enough to make you switch (or stay).

T-Mobile is covering the cost of the streaming service, whether you watch on your phone, tablet or TV.

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“Every single family plan gets Netflix,” said the cell company’s chief operating officer, Mike Sievert.

Sievert says it means T-Mobile One Unlimited plans with at least two voice lines include standard Netflix — a $10/month value. If you prefer premium (four simultaneous Netflix streams as opposed to two).

“It’s $2 more. That $2 will go on your T-Mobile bill, so that way you’re not having to pay two of us,” said Sievert.

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So what’s in it for T-Mobile?

“This is a big investment on our part. Netflix is not providing us with a giant discount, and they don’t have to — they’re Netflix,” said Sievert.

With Verizon’s Go90 mobile video and free HBO offered to some AT&T customers, Sievert says this deal gives customers something special as it grows T-Mobile’s subscriber base — and its bottom line.