PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The R & J Farmers Market in Souderton, Pennsylvania, trusts the process.

So much so, that owners Rich and Jill Alterman decided to do a Sixers themed corn maze this year — their 11th straight year making a corn maze.

Farmers Market 76ers

(Photo credit: CBS 3)


The maze sits on a six-acre corn field and took three days to craft, four hours per day. Rich had the design drawn on graph paper and does not use GPS. He began cutting out the maze in July with a lawnmower while the corn stalks were only six inches.

One hundred-ninety rows were used for the maze and are grown horizontally and vertically. This allows Rich to make 90-degree turns while cutting. Corn is typically grown vertical or horizontal.

Rich plans to open the maze between the last week in September and the first week in October. R & J Farmers Market is on 325 Allentown Rd. in Souderton.