By Chris Stigall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — I realize if you’re a committed leftist, a Hillary voter, a “Never Trumper,” or a communist Sanders/Warren backer you won’t say it. But you should. “I’m sorry, President Trump.”

Instead, I’ll just list the reasons you owe him an apology. You can dismiss them aloud if you wish to maintain your Trump-hating street-cred, but you’re secretly going to acknowledge every word is true – if you’re honest.

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You’re wealthier. Let’s start with your investment portfolio. If you invest money in any way, you’ve made ridiculous market gains since Trump became president. Like it or not, the market roared when he won the White House and you’re pocketing the spoils. If he gets his way with tax cuts, your wallet will get even fatter.

You’re safer. Yes, Little Kim is lobbing some explosive playthings into the sea from North Korea, but Trump and “Mad Dog” Mattis play for keeps. China knows it. They already spanked North Korea into submission once after Trump warned of “fire and fury.” Mattis is openly reminding the world we possess the capability to destroy them should we choose. It’s not about cheering war. It’s about reminding the world we do war better than anyone on the globe and we’re not to be disrespected.

You’re getting the truth. After the abhorrent events in Charlottesville, Virginia, President Trump condemned “both sides.” Weasely Republicans like Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio refused to acknowledge any side but white supremacist, neo-Nazi, and KKK members. They further suggested anyone showing up to oppose them was on the side of virtue and morality.

Undeterred, Trump denounced the supremacist, Nazi groups but also told the country about another violent group that is every bit as abhorrent. By name, he called out “Antifa” (short for anti-fascist) and drove home the point they came to fight. They had no permit, and they certainly weren’t peaceful.

Mainstream politicians and media lost their minds. That is, until Antifa struck again in Berkeley, California, a couple of weeks later causing massive damage and injury. It got so bad, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi – the most liberal, left wing politician in America — denounced them, even suggesting jail.

A couple of days later, the Philadelphia Daily News and other media outlets did extensive profile pieces on Antifa and their growing ranks and long-term damage in cities like Philadelphia. As it turns out, they ARE real and they’ve been a destructive force for some time.  Until President Trump called them out, I don’t recall much liberal condemnation or media profiles of their goonery.

Trump was right. BOTH sides. Say it with me, “I’m sorry, Mr. President.”

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You’ve got a compassionate leader, too. Let’s just face facts. The team of Trump and Pence on the ground in Houston just looked like engaged, concerned leadership. Even locals who weren’t supporters told media covering his visit they’d completely changed their minds about him. He looked human. He is human. Media beat up on his wife for wearing heels to board Air Force One. She later changed into casual shoes when she arrived in Houston.

But let’s face more, blunt facts. She looks great. Stunning, in fact. Anyone not willing to admit it is likely bitter because they’re unattractive. Most people like attractive, accomplished people. That’s the Trump family. Jealousy and bitterness doesn’t make it untrue.

One of the most significant things the country has going for it now is a president who values the Constitution. His appointment of strictly textualist justices at all levels will insure you will continue to enjoy inalienable rights spelled out in our founding documents for a generation. Recently scrapping Obama’s DACA action also shows his commitment to the Constitution in forcing Congress to properly address the issue rather than the executive branch.

Oh, and you’re seeing he was right about “the swamp.” It was never about party. It was about a city full of big-spending bureaucrats who legally steal our money and spend it on bloated, out of control programs neither party has any interest in reigning in. Republicans are in total control, but you’d never know it. They can’t stop trashing the head of their own party and blocking his every agenda item.

President Trump isn’t an ideologue. He’s a pragmatist. Something I was honestly wary of for a time. Watching the party I’ve always supported buck him they way they have – I’m now seeing little difference between political parties. You know it as well as I. It’s us versus them, and they aren’t working for us. Trump is. He isn’t one of them. He upsets them. He may not be the perfect vessel, but he’s more like you and me than the establishment he’s upsetting.

It’s time to admit it, anti-Trumpers. He’s not your enemy. Washington, D.C. is. Media have-truths and their selective coverage are. This guy didn’t need they job. He’s an imperfect outsider just trying to right a ship that’s gone horribly off course. For this, he’s hated? It doesn’t make sense.

I was a reluctant Trump voter, I admit. Today, I apologize for not understanding just how dire and institutionally corrupt things were in our nation before his election. Now it’s your turn, anti-Trumpers.

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Say you’re sorry.