By Dan Wing

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — For the sixth year in a row, large stages, carnival rides, and food trucks and tents have taken over the parkway and the area surrounding the art museum for the annual Made in America Festival.

All the usual sights and sounds were present – the Ferris wheel, giant swing, beer tents, food trucks, and the stages where the massive crowd of mostly late teens and early 20-somethings jammed in for the favorite bands.

There was one uninvited guest though – steady rain. But that wasn’t enough to stop a good time.

“Umm, yeah but it’s pouring and I’m soaked,” said festival goer Morgan. “So I guess it’s kind of lit.”

Morgan, Alexis and crew were making their first trip to MIA, and were there to see a couple acts in particular.

“J Cole,” said Morgan.

Then both Morgan and Alexis cheered “Chainsmokers!”

The rain may have put a damper on the party on Day 1, but a lot of people said it didn’t bother them as long as the weather’s nice on Day 2 of the festival.