By Mike Dougherty

WEST CHESTER, PA (CBS) — With many colleges in Pennsylvania already in session for the fall semester, Attorney General Josh Shapiro is canvasing the state to talk about campus safety and sexual assault.

There are about 750,000 college students in Pennsylvania. Attorney General Josh Shapiro says about 23% of female students will be sexual assault victims, but most of them won’t report it.

“We need to continue to work together to reduce the stigma and barriers for survivors seeking access and services to justice, and we need to re-dedicate our efforts to pursue safety on campus,” Shapiro said.

Part his plan to solve this problem is to hold round table discussions at universities.

Four are scheduled, with the door open for more, to hear from victims and police and anyone else who has ideas on how to make colleges safer for everyone.

“Administrators have a responsibility to have the right processes in place to protect students, and not to sweep this under the rug,” said Shapiro.