By Joseph Santoliquito

PHILADELPHIA, PA (CBS) — There was some things to like, and some to dislike as the Eagles closed their preseason in an ugly 16-10 loss to the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium on Thursday night.

The Good

Cornerback Aaron Grymes was all over the place. He made a strong statement to make the team.

Cornerback Jaylen Watkins had a big hit in the opening quarter to start the game, and he dropped a sure interception, which would have been a pick-six. He made a couple of key tackles and helped himself, but it didn’t look good when he went limping off the field in the third quarter with an injury to his right leg.

Defensive end Alex McAlister is going to play for someone in the NFL, if not for the Eagles. He has length, quick feet and can accelerate to the quarterback, which was apparent on a third-quarter sack.

Receiver Mack Hollins appeared to make the team, but his special teams play, especially the one play off the punt in the third quarter, batting the ball back for the Eagles to down it at the New York five-yard line, seems to make it a guarantee.

Linebacker Don Gerry, out of Villanova, did a few things to help himself, especially with his special teams play. Hopefully, it was enough to get him a spot on the practice squad.

Linebacker Christian Tago’s fumble recovery with less than two minutes to play, giving the Eagles a chance to win a meaningless game.

Wide receiver Marcus Johnson scoring on a fluke play, a 41-yard, fourth-quarter touchdown toss. It was his only catch after being targeted four times.


The Bad

Receiver Bryce Treggs getting called for offensive pass interference on a fourth-and-two play at the Jets’ 44, pushing the Eagles out of chance to continue the drive.

Coach Doug Pederson’s call to run the ball on first-and-goal at the New York three-yard line with less than a minute to play. Okay, it is preseason, but it might have been nice to see what the third-team could do in a tense spot.


The Ugly

Quarterback Dane Evans looked like a high schooler at a fantasy camp with the pros. The third-string quarterback seemed more to shot put the ball than throw it. His game tape shouldn’t see the light of day. He missed a wide open Greg Ward Jr. in the third quarter.

Right tackle Taylor Hart looked lost at times. The great experiment moving him from defensive line to offensive line doesn’t seem to have worked.

Left tackle Dillon Gordon looked awful on the inside rush that created a sack midway through the third quarter.