By Kristen Johanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Philadelphia judge is now allowing the city’s police union to challenge the release of an officer’s name, if they are involved in a shooting. A department directive, implemented two years ago, orders that the names of any cop involved in a shooting must be released within 72 hours of the incident.

Following an incident last week when a group protesters marched outside the home of an officer who was involved in a few on-duty shootings, the Fraternal Order of Police went to a judge. The judge sided with the FOP – for now – allowing the union to challenge the release of names in any future police-involved shootings.

“What we had the other night was a family in jeopardy from a radical group that even normal protesters don’t want to be associated with,” said FOP President John McNesby said. “Our main goal is to protect our officers out there. God forbid they release their names, and what happened is a direct result of the city releasing the names of officers.”

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McNesby says they want to delay the release of an officer’s name until a full investigation is done, and the union is now working with state lawmakers to pass a bill with similar guidelines.

“We are asking for the officers’ names to be held until the completion of the investigation,” said McNesby. “72-hours is way too quick.”

McNesby says any police officers who are involved in a shooting will go straight to a judge.

A hearing on the matter is slated for the end of next month.