By Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Temple University grad student is living the dream this summer.

He’s doing his research at baseball stadiums across the country, and is analyzing Saturday’s Phillies game as part of it.

Andy Sturt is looking at the fan experience at Major League Baseball parks across the country. All 30 of them.

He’s logged 19,000 miles while doing it, starting in June at Wrigley Field. What’s he looking at?

“So everything from buying a ticket to what’s the food like. I’ve been looking at all those different variables and then comparing them and seeing what I like about some places, and what I think other places need improvement on,” Sturt said.

One of his observations on seat location is good news for those in the cheap seats.

“What I found is, especially in the newer stadiums, I enjoyed the game just as much in a $5 seat as I did in a $90 seat,” said Sturt.

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