By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A decision in a fight over online privacy: a federal judge has ruled in the case involving an anti-Trump website.

Both the feds and the web hosting company they targeted can claim victory in the investigation into

The judge ruled in favor of the Department of Justice in its request for data on the Presidential Inauguration protest-organizing site.

But DreamHost says everyone who uses the web and cares about privacy is the clear winner here.

In a blog post, the company says the court decision severely limits the scope of information the DOJ can get its hands on. In DreamHost’s words, the decision keeps the government “from fishing for evidence in a sea of unfiltered data extracted from our servers.”

There are a number of hoops investigators now must jump through to win the evidence they seek — restrictions overseen by the judge.

DreamHost is still considering an appeal that would keep out Uncle Sam altogether.

The Justice Department originally sought info like IP addresses, which could have allowed them to unmask nearly every visitor to the website.