By Joe Holden

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Congressman Bob Brady took a brief walk around the 69th Street platform Thursday where Tuesday’s SEPTA crash happened.

He wants a congressional hearing in Upper Darby over recent emergency incidents with SEPTA.

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Outraged at the length of a typical National Transportation Safety Board investigation, Brady throttled up the pressure.

“This incident, they say, is going to take another year,” he said. “Almost a year to find out what’s happening? That’s unacceptable.”

Brady continued, “You have to get confidence back in these riders.”

The Democratic congressman, alongside Republican Upper Darby Mayor Tom Micozzie, surveyed the site of Tuesday’s crash, where a train failed to stop, and plowed into the back of an unoccupied parked train.

According to the NTSB’s initial report on the incident, 33 people were hurt.

“No one has said, that I can see, anywhere, that this is safe – they just opened it,” Mayor Thomas Micozzie said.

Eyewitness News, joined by police and fire officials, got a view of the now reopened track. Spray-paint markings were still fresh at the point of impact.

however, riders remained confident in the rail system.

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Passenger Files Lawsuit Following SEPTA Train Crash That Injured 33

“It’s serious, but it happens,” Andrew Hollowman, a SEPTA rider, explained. “There’s nothing you can do about it. Everything breaks down once in a while.”

Eyewitness News relayed officials’ concerns to the NTSB. A spokesman said investigations are methodical and thorough.

He added if an immediate safety problem is identified, the agency will issue an emergency alert.

That was the case in February, after a train crash injured four people.

Eyewitness News learned Thursday that the NTSB published a nationwide safety bulletin spotlighting improper installations of electrical relay switches connected with that incident.

Still, the congressman believes communication with the NTSB should be improved and periodic updates should be provided.

Brady says he’s working with the ranking member of the transportation committee to look into a hearing.

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For SEPTA’s part, an official tells Eyewitness News that while it’s true a report might not come out for nine or ten months, if there are issues, there’s direction to address them immediately from NTSB.