By Nicole Brewer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–You know the saying—“time off is money.”

But ask yourself this: Would you rather get more paid vacation time from your employer, or a raise?

That question was recently asked of hundreds of American Workers and their response may not be what you expect.

“I think it’s as valuable as money for your sanity,” said Najiyyah Hassan

Alan Bhuiyam says, “What’s the sense of making money if you don’t take time off to enjoy it?”

Researchers: A Bad Work Environment Can Be Bad For Your Health

New research suggests 41-percent would take the time off.

“I would, I don’t like working!” said  Joe Wilusz.

According to a 2017 emerging workforce study, job satisfaction has become increasingly important boosting morale and increasing retention. Yet, a third of employees admit feeling guilty when they file those vacation requests. The study also showed that 42-percent hesitated for fear of disrupting work flow.

But, it’s not all rest and relaxation. More than a quarter of respondents said their company expects them to work while they’re away.