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By Matt Peterson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –– There are currently three systems we are tracking in the tropics.  A newly developed Tropical Storm, Harvey.  The 8th named storm of the season.  An area to watch called “Invest 92-L”, finally a weaker tropical wave slowly moving west off the African coast.

hurricane tracker 2 Active Tropical Pattern In The Atlantic and Caribbean

Harvey was officially upgraded to a Tropical Storm on Thursday afternoon.  Max sustained winds are around 40MPH and it is moving west around 18MPH.  At this time it is likely that Harvey continues on the westward track and moves into the Caribbean Sea.  It is possible that once in the Caribbean Sea Harvey could strengthen a bit as it enters an environment more suited for a stronger tropical system.  At this time there is the potential for Harvey to strengthen into Hurricane, but the situation is still very much in flux.Harvey is not expected to affect the US but forecasts right now show it slamming into the Central American coastline early next week.

tropical extended outlook Active Tropical Pattern In The Atlantic and Caribbean

The second system called “Invest 92-L” is still in the infancy stages of a tropical system.  Right now model projections show the chance for Invest 92-L to eventually become a Tropical Storm but for the time being it is too early to tell for sure.  We will be watching this system though a little more closely than others so far this season since early model projections so a path that brings it toward the eastern Florida coast.  Again, right now it is too early to talk about specifics with how strong this system will be or where exactly it will go but we are keeping an eye out on this storm too.  If this becomes the 9th named storm of the season it will be called, Irma.

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