By Paul Kurtz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)  — West Philadelphia will be the site of a unique craft beer tasting event this weekend.

Philadelphia is one of only eight select cities on Brooklyn Brewery’s global Beer Mansion tour and the historic Woodlands Mansion and cemetery will be the venue for this two-day event that opens Friday evening.

“There’s just about 55 acres of ground that we’re able to take over and use in ways that’ll be great for beer mansion,” said  Brooklyn Brewery’s Ben Plotkin.

Plotkin says you’ll find graveside music, food vendors and games and inside multiple theme-based beer tasting rooms.

“We’ll have the Tart of the Tropics, focusing on more fruity and light styles of beer, weisses, sours, crisp pilsners. The Forest will be more hoppy and outdoorsy. The Darkness will be more rich and heavy, porters and robust browns,” said Plotkin.

Brooklyn will be partnering with a handful of local breweries, Evil Genius, St. Benjamin and Free Will. Tickets prices start at $55.

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