By Brandon Longo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)—It was an emotional walk for 1-year-old Emilie Meza and her family as cheers and bells signified the completion of her four rounds of chemotherapy treatments.

Emilie started chemo earlier this year at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, after she was diagnosed with actue myeloid leukia, according to a website created in her name.

“Seeing Emilie loose her hair the last 5 days has been tough… her head itches, she has hair fall in her food easily, her crib bed is full of hair, so much comes out that it’s always on her clothes, neck, mouth, eyes,” one Instagram post read, as her family documented her  progress.

Emilie has battled and will continue her fight, but she is not giving up.

Last week, she completed her chemo treatments and took the courageous walk through the hospital hallway, donning her Supergirl costume.

“Today has been so special, scary, emotional and filled with joy. Emilie is released today from the hospital. We will have a lot of appointments and home meds, fluids at night that we will have to do, flushing her broviac lines, and still be away from our family, but with this we are happy to say that Emilie is done with her chemotherapy treatments,” said a Facebook post.

A big step for Emilie and her family.

So far Emilie has been enjoying “non-hospital food” and she continues to smilie—an inspiration to all of us.

Learn how you can help Emilie by CLICKING HERE.