By Joe Holden

UPPER DARBY, Pa. (CBS)–Upper Darby police are simply baffled after a man shows up to the station allegedly drunk and admits to driving there while intoxicated.

“I’ve never seen anybody who’s drunk come to the police station looking for a safe place, said Upper Darby Police Chief Michael Chitwood.

But that’s what Upper Darby Township officers say Sean McCullough was up to early Wednesday morning.

Police say McCullough turned into the Upper Darby Township Police driveway and proceeded to bang up their automatic gate.

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“[He] goes on the outside, over the curb on the grass plot and then comes in the lot and parks,” Chitwood said.

Officers inside the building saw him on their monitors.

Chitwood says they ran out and got to him and he “was totally blitzed”.

Police say they didn’t exactly get a straight answer from the unsteady driver who lives in Havertown.

“They tell him to sit down on the curb, he falls down,” Chitwood says. “They ask him if he’s drinking, he said he wasn’t sure if he was in Philly or Trenton—he had 12 to 14 beers.”

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Philly, Trenton, a dozen beers or more maybe – the details were sketchy.

“And he kept saying, ‘I’m hammered, I’m hammered, I’m hammered, I’m drunk, I’m drunk, I’m drunk.’ So, they locked him up. Usually, people are avoiding the police, running away from the police. This guy’s coming into the police station.”

CBS3 repeatedly to reach out to Sean McCullough to get his side of the story. In fact a number listed for his house was busy all day.