By Michael Cerio

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The lovely twist with the return of Michelle Branch is baked into the making of her new album Hopeless Romantic.

Armed with a batch of lovelorn songs, the “Everywhere” singer recently entered the studio with The Black Keys Patrick Carney signed on as co-producer and co-writer. She would eventually exit with a more mature and soulful record, and eventually an engagement.

Michelle Branch | Credit: Shervin Lainez

Hopeless Romantic was released with renewed interest and acclaim in April, but on the way Carney and Branch made their working relationship more personal.

“He was in a relationship that was ending, I was dating someone on and off. I had just gotten out of an eleven year relationship, divorced, and I had all of these songs completely about my love life being a mess” Branch explains on an off day between tour stops. “Then somewhere during the process of making the record, Patrick and I weren’t seeing anyone and started to realize we had feelings for each other. The next thing you know I’m writing love songs.”

The two announced their engagement in July, and Carney is currently on tour with Michelle Branch as she makes her way across the country. They stop in Philadelphia at The TLA this weekend.

We caught up with Michelle about Hopeless Romantic, being a mom, and the return of TRL on MTV. You can hear the full interview above and see Michelle Branch at The TLA on Sunday August 6th.