By Don Bell

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Last season was a difficult one for Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor to say the least.

Drops, penalties and missed assignments led to a Week 12 benching against the Green Bay Packers.

And while it’s just a few days into training camp, teammates have noticed a difference besides the change in number.

“He’s changed that number and he’s like a whole new guy man,” Jordan Matthews, a fellow receiver, said. “I’ve seen his ability; I know how good the kid is. I’m one of his biggest supporters, even going back to when times were hard on him. But he looks like a new guy; he’s confident; he’s using his strengths; he’s being extremely coachable and I think he’s got a lot of good things coming.”

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The guys Agholor goes against time and time again in practice have also noticed a difference too.

Eagles corner back Jalen Mills, said of Agholor, “His game from last year to now, with me even covering him, is a lot different; it’s changed. He’s a lot faster in and out of his breaks.”

Corner Ron Brooks said, “Nelson has always been a hard worker but I think his attention to detail, and his route running, and just the way he gets in and out of breaks, and the way he runs his routes, he looks a lot crisper than he did last year. And I think he feels he has something to prove or he has a chip on his shoulder, and he’s playing that way.”

Having veteran receivers like Torrey Smith and Alshon Jeffery has given Agholor a chance to relax and learn.

“I see him on the sidelines sometimes talking to Alshon or Torrey and they’re telling him (about) different stances and different releases to do,” Mills said. “And I think that group as a whole, they’re learning from those older, veteran guys.”

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“He’s one of the best athletes I’ve been around — he’s fast; he’s quick; he can run,” Torrey Smith said. “So, I think he’s making plays and I don’t know if it’s ever been a talent thing for him. It’s probably mentally, and so being able to talk to him about that. And his confidence is through the roof, so it’s important for him to continue to build on that and never doubt himself.”