By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — New York Times best selling-author and CNN talk show host Van Jones will be in Philadelphia this week as part of his “We Rise Tour.” Jones says it’s part revival, part concert, part social justice rally.

“You are going to be in a situation where positivity can lead to positivity again,” said Jones.

The social justice entrepreneur is host of “The Messy Truth with Van Jones” on CNN and the former green jobs czar for President Barack Obama. But what makes Jones stand out is his artful commentary on politics.

Jones is known to quote hip hop lyrics and use words like “turd” when talking about the stench that has injected democratic debate, but the Yale educated lawyer says he more than just words. He founded the Dream Corps a group that focuses on solutions.

“People have been very, very disappointed, but break downs can lead to break throughs,” he said. “You’re going to be exposed to some real solutions, practical solutions.”

Enter the “FUSION TV Presents We Rise Tour powered by #LoveArmy,” a special event that brings music, poetry and discussion from surprise celebrity guests to engage to active citizens on the ground in 14 major cities, including Philadelphia.

“Most of the good that happens in country, doesn’t happen in Washington DC, anyway it happens at the neighborhood level, the community level,” he said. “Communities like Philadelphia have a lot of passion and that’s what we really want to give people the opportunity to reconnect with.”

Proceeds will benefit Dream Corps and other charities. The We Rise Tour will be at the Fillmore on Thursday at 8pm. Tickets are run about $40.