By David Madden

AVALON, NJ (CBS) — Two towns down the shore are teaming up for a pilot project that could, in the long run, help to deal with tidal flooding when storms hit.

Avalon and Longport will work with Stockton University to set up flood sensors that’ll go up early this fall for at least a year. They’ll gather data in areas that tend to flood when the weather goes haywire.

“It’s a big issue as far as coastal flooding goes, not only in a major coastal storm but the nuisance flooding that’s caused by nor’easters or abnormal tides,” Avalon Mayor Marty Pagliughi told KYW Newsradio.

Pagliughi doubles as Director of Emergency Management for Cape May County.

That data will then be used to develop long term flood plans that, as you might guess, would need financial assistance.

“This is actually the first step, to identify and to give the historical data of these areas,” Pagliughi added, “and then the next step would be the municipalities, through their consulting engineers, design flood mitigation projects that we would go for funding through either state or federal agencies.”

Other towns that are part of the Atlantic-Cape Coastal Coalition will watch how this plays out. If it works, they may try the same plan to deal with their recurring flooding issues.