PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–Elementary students in Philadelphia spent most of their summer at a one-of-a-kind camp, aimed at teaching them important life skills. The program teaches students science, technology, engineering and math.

Amirah Hannibal, 7, spent a few hours Friday making slime, and she loves it. She’s part of the summer camp run by a Philadelphia based group called Youth Engineering and Science.

“You have to get messy to have fun,” Hannibal said with a smile.

Iyana Furman is one of the dozens of interns who volunteer their time with the kids.

“It makes me so happy. It really puts a big old smile on my face when they do something they never did before,” she said.

Five hundred kids are involved in the month long program. Friday was the last day, but organizers call it a tremendous success. Teacher Kathy Walsh runs the summer camp. Walsh and her daughter began the Youth Engineering and Science program back in 2009.

Walsh says the organization is in need of donations.

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