By Justin Udo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philadelphia Marathon does not get underway until mid-November, but race officials are already planning some big changes to how they’re running things.

For instance, the half marathon which used to be mainly in the park will now be more of a city run.

“They’re going to have the same experience the marathoners have, and see all of the great points of interest and historic sites in the city while they’re running that half marathon,” said Leo Dignam, the marathon’s executive director.

He says part of their changes include a little competition between running clubs before the races even start.

“The running clubs that register the most people in all of our events will get their own private VIP area at the end of the marathon, with private porta potties and amenities for just their club members,” Dignam explained.

Next week, race officials will introduce a virtual map of the marathon and half marathon to show runners what they see each mile, something else that’s also a first for the marathon.