By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–An experimental new treatment may be able to help patients with multiple sclerosis.

Once a month a pioneering group of MS patients, meet to get tips from a nutritionist and share their temptations.

Neurologist Ilana Katz Sand is leading one of the first clinical trials to study the link between what we eat, gut bacteria and MS symptoms.

“The immune system, about 70 percent of it lives inside the gut and has far reaching implications throughout the rest of the body,” said Dr. Ilana Katz Sand, a neurologist at Mount Sinai Hospital.

In MS, inflammation occurs when the immune cells attack the brain and spinal cord.

This study is testing whether a dietary intervention can re-program the immune system to slow down the assault on itself.

Patients enrolled in the trial, are following a strict Mediterranean-style diet, including no processed food, dairy or meat.

But lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

“We think that those are anti-inflammatory we also think that they’re neuroprotective,” Sand said.

Symptoms, like fatigue, difficulty walking, vision problems and cognitive changes can be severe and disabling.

“I was really fearful because I have a family, I have my children I have my husband,” said Kerane Providence, who’s suffering from multiple sclerosis.

With the help of medication, Kerane is still able to work nights as an oncology nurse-four years after her diagnosis. Now she’s hoping the diet will help even more.