PHILADELPHIA (CBS)—A family in Canada is being tested for HIV after they claim a piece of a catheter was found inside their ice cream, according to CBC News.

The apparent incident happened last weekend while the family was eating the Coaticook brand ice cream.

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Three people had already started eating ice cream flavored with pecan nuts, chocolate and double caramel when a man felt something hard in their mouth. When he spit it out it was apparently a piece of a catheter, CBC News reports.

“He put it in his mouth and found the tip of syringe,” Carole-Anne Christofferson told Radio-Canada.

The family says there was something dark on the tip and they couldn’t tell if it was caramel or blood.

CBC News reports that the family was told to go to a hospital for HIV testing, as well as for Hepatitis A, B and C.

The ice cream maker says they will be conducting an internal investigation.

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Representatives say it’s the first time the company has received such a complaint.