By Kristen Johanson

NEW JERSEY (CBS) — New Jersey’s Attorney General office has released their findings on a fatal police involved shooting in 2016 Atlantic County.

Last October, a Ventnor man was shot and killed by police during a domestic violence call, and authorities say this it was a justified use of force.

Police Shoot, Kill Man Following Barricade Situation In Ventnor

It was October 3rd, 2016. Police were called to a home on Burghley Street in Ventnor for a man shooting a gun inside his parent’s house.

Both Ventnor officers and the Atlantic City Emergency Response Team arrived, and they say they tried to talk down the man, 49-year-old John Fetter, but he kept firing his weapon.

Eventually, they say, Fetter emerged, pointing the rifle at the officers who then fired 10 bullets into his body.

Fetter was pronounced dead on scene, and an investigation was turned over to the state’s Criminal Justice division.

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Authorities say they found no wrong-doing on the part of police, and say quote:

“Facts and circumstances reasonably led the officers to believe their actions were immediately necessary to protect themselves and their fellow officers.”

Investigators says the cops followed protocol and did not use excessive force.