By Steve Tawa

CAMDEN, NJ (CBS) –– New talent is running around the 76ers’ Training Complex in Camden. While some of them may be wearing sneakers, they’ve got game, in the consumer product space.

It is called Sixers Innovation Lab is helping entrepreneurs and their early-stage companies.

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Lab Managing Director Seth Berger says the lab team welcomes innovative thinkers with a vision to make things happen for consumers.

“We are hard at work trying to create amazing companies out of this amazing space,” he said.

The Lab provides access to consulting and investment opportunities, branding and marketing services, even financial backing and investors to startups with potential, like the CEO of Doc & Phoebe’s Cat Co.

Dr. Elizabeth Bales, a veterinarian who wants to maximizes a cat’s natural instincts said, “Soon, feeding your cat from a bowl is going to be a thing of the past.”

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She, developed an indoor hunting feeder, which includes five mice-shaped objects that you hide around the house.

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“Now your cat gets to hunt, catch, and play with its prey, eating small meals, just like it would in nature,” she said.

Monster Roster’s Dylan Elder developed an algorithm for fantasy sports users, knowing the top 1 percent of all players win 90 percent of the money.

“Monster Roster levels the playing field. We give the average fan a chance to compete with the pros,” Elder said

Co-cofounder Shinggo Lu’s U GIT GUD is an online esports training platform for gamers.

“As crazy as it sounds, esports is the fastest growing sports in the world today,” he said. “The top professionals hold multi-million dollar contracts, and tournament prize money routinely goes over $10-20-million.”

Lu says their esports coaching platform molds gamers, like a basketball coach or a piano teacher helps their subjects play better.

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Another startup, called Live Life Nice, is a cause-driven digital media company developed by Christian Crosby, formerly the 76ers’ trampoline dunker, and currently the In-Arena Game Day Host.