PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Brian Karem, from the Sentinel of Montgomery County in Maryland, talked with Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about confronting Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders during a briefing at the White House, saying he does not feel this administration adequately respects the media and the role they play in our democracy.

“What I am see from that press room is the point that I was speaking to with Sarah is that those people are responsible to answer the questions. We’re responsible to ask them. To walk in and use your first briefing on camera in a week to beat us over the head and bully us and spout out fake news, again, drives a wedge between the press and the public, and we are the public.”

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Karem contends that audiences do an adequate job of holding media outlets accountable and that this administration should spend less time complaining about reporting.

“The issue is those people are in government. Those people are there to govern and it is…our job to ask questions. If we make mistakes, we pay for those mistakes. If there is bias, it is weeded out.”

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He says he understands the difficulties that come with working for the White House, but does not feel that understanding is reciprocated.

“I wrote a column defend Sean Spicer when people were calling for his head…I defend what they do. I respect what they do. I merely want them to respect us in turn. I feel like we are not getting that respect in that briefing room.”


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