HARRISBURG, PA (CBS) — Even though he may not be entirely happy with it, Governor Wolf says he nonetheless plans to sign a bill heading to his desk addressing use of police camera recordings in Pennsylvania.

The bill creates statewide policy for recordings made by police, and has provisions intended to encourage broader use of police body cameras, including use in homes. But opponents of the legislation say that the bill will severely limit public access to police recordings.

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As a result, the ACLU of Pennsylvania says the measure will make police body cameras a “tool for more surveillance and for manipulation.”

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Governor Wolf says he will OK the bill despite reservations.

“I’m going to sign it, but I need to look at it and study it a little more before I can tell you exactly what my reservations are,” he said. “I think what I know of it is it’s an important first step.”

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The governor says he doesn’t want to let the “perfect be the enemy of the good,” and that he will sign the police body cam bill even though there’s still some work to do on the issue, as he understands it.