By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s a first for science museum’s nationwide as two new hi-tech escape room games are now at the Franklin Institute that have participants utilizing skills essential to the science fields.

The two escape room games at the Franklin Institute are Island Escape and Intergalactic Escape.

Island Escape is kind of like Gillian’s Island meets Survivor in a game show setting.

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You and your teammates look for clues to ultimately get off the island within an hour.

Intergalactic Escape is where you are on a spaceship working with up to 13 other people trying to find the way out.

As participants enter they will hear a variety of things such as, “This is central command we hear you loud and clear.”

That is the game master. The game master is in a control room listening, watching, and communicating with you in a variety of ways.

Elisabeth Garson, is with the games’ developer, Steel Owl.

“It’s completely about as cheesy as it sounds team-building, cooperation and communication 100 percent of the time is what enables people to succeed in 60 minutes,” she said.

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So if one person wanted to do this by themselves would they be able to get out?

“Nope,” Garson said. “They wouldn’t even open the game it’s impossible.”

The Franklin Institute says its Escape Rooms are the largest and most technologically advanced in the city.