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By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Among the bills that Philadelphia City Council passed last week in a blitz of votes before taking a summer recess was one that places new restrictions on where medical marijuana dispensaries can go. But it could be too late to stop them in some spots.

The bill added daycare centers to the list of child-centered facilities where there must be a 500-foot buffer for dispensaries. Councilwoman Cherelle Parker introduced the measure when she learned a dispensary had been permitted near an in-home daycare in her district. She says at least three other permitted sites have the same problem, including one in the same building with a daycare center.

But a spokeswoman for Licenses and Inspections, which issues the permits, says they are grandfathered in under the old rules, and the permits can’t be revoked because of the new law. That could lead to a battle if the state picks one, or more, to receive a dispensary license.

The state will award up to 50 licenses statewide. Philadelphia was left out when it issued 12 growing permits. It says it will announce the first 27 dispensary licenses this week.

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