HARRISBURG, Pa (CBS) — The definition of “fairness” proved to be a central issue as a state Senate panel examined Governor Wolf’s proposal to charge municipalities for State Police coverage if they have no local police force.

Governor Wolf has proposed charging municipalities $25 per resident if they rely on state police instead of their own police.

As state senators heard testimony on the proposal, Amy Sturges — representing an organization of municipalities with their own police departments — argued that her taxpayers are paying twice.

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“Once for their own local coverage, and then for the coverage of state police,” she said.

But Elam Herr of the State Association of Township Supervisors says all municipalities benefit from state police services.

“Troopers regularly respond to assist local officers or are the secondary providers of various incidents,” he said.

The state police municipal fee proposal remains in play although there is no groundswell of support for it as the state budget season moves into high gear.