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    04:00 AM - 07:00 AM
By Rich Zeoli

3 pm– James Comey may have been the leak?

3:10 pm– President Trump did not ask James Comey to stop an investigation.

3:25 pm–  Senator Tom Cotton questions James Comey.

3:45 pm– Alan Dershowitz chimes in on the Comey testimony.

4 pm–  James Comey was concerned about calling the Hillary Clinton investigation a “matter”.

4:10 pm– Sen. Dianne Feinstein ask some questions of James Comey, some sound odd.

4:20 pm– The Sen. Marco Rubio and James Comey interaction was interesting during the televised testimony.

4:35 pm– President Trump’s lawyer Marc Kasowitz reacts to James Comey’s testimony.

5 pm– Andy McCarthy calls in to the show and talks James Comey.

5:40 pm– Dianne Feinstein in the spotlight during the Comey testimony.

5:48 pm– James Comey felt he must keep notes after meetings with President Trump.


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