PHILADLEPHIA (CBS) — A federal judge has given Philadelphia’s taxi industry a major victory, ruling that its lawsuit against the Philadelphia Parking Authority can proceed.

The suit accuses the Parking Authority of damaging the taxi industry by failing to control ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft.

You may remember the high-profile seizures of Uber and Lyft vehicles by the Philadelphia Parking Authority, when they made early incursions in 2014, despite being illegal but taxi industry attorney Brett Berman says it was negligible.

PPA Vows To Tighten Reins On Uber & Lyft, Relax Taxi Regulations 

“When you’re talking about an influx of, by Uber’s own numbers, 0 to 10,000 cars in one year, impoundment of vehicles you can count on one hand, that is not an action under the statute,” Berman.

Berman says, at the same time, the PPA issued thousands of citations to taxi drivers and that uneven enforcement — not the mere presence of Uber and Lyft — is what has decimated traditional cabs.

The judge didn’t rule on the merits of the case but rejected most of the the PPA’s motion to dismiss.