HARRISBURG,PA (CBS) — The Department of Homeland Security has given Pennsylvania a one month ‘grace period’ of Tuesday’s deadline for Real ID compliant drivers’ licenses.

Because Pennsylvania has previously refused to cooperate with Real ID, state residents were facing the prospect of not being able to use their driver’s license to gain access to federal facilities.

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The state is still waiting on a request to extend the deadline, but in the meantime, the feds have granted a “grace period” through July 10.

Jennifer Kocher is a spokeswoman for the state Senate majority leader.

“So, family members travelling to military bases for visits, other places like that…they can rest assured that they will be able to get into those buildings with their driver’s license,” she said.

Pennsylvania Governor Signs Bill To Comply With Federal Real ID Law

Governor Tom Wolf signed legislation last month allowing Pennsylvania to cooperate with the Real ID program but it will take time for licenses to be brought into compliance.