By Alexandria Hoff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)—A fire destroys a house in Bucks County and authorities are now investigating if teens with fireworks are to blame.

Lisa and Riley Nollie stand in borrowed clothing near the rubble of their Pennsbury Heights home.

Just before midnight Saturday, on Stevens Road, Lisa was home with her dog when she heard several blasts.

“I heard the fireworks and then I said wait a minute then I seen this big orange flame,” Lisa recounted.

Within moments, the house and cars in the driveway were burning. Lisa called her husband and raced upstairs to rescue her elderly dog.

“Then my neighbor shot into the house and he grabbed me and grabbed the dog and we got out,” Lisa said.

That heroic gesture is now overshadowed by the investigation into what caused the fire.

Like Lisa, witnesses describe hearing fireworks going off moments before the fire was discovered around the same time another one was lit on a porch of neighboring home, authorities say.

“They were terrorized by them…basically fireworks and placing them on their porch and letting them go off and then they run,” said Lisa.

Kelly Johnson says a couple of weeks ago a firework landed in her yard.

“It was shot off, hit a roof, so you don’t think anything of it…but now you hear this down the street and that is unfortunate,” she says.

Thanks to an outpouring of support from neighbors the Nollies are less angry than they are grateful.

As for who may have set off those fireworks, the fire marshal is now looking to speak with four boys around 14 or 15 years old who were seen on bikes and a skateboard. One of them may be named “Alex”.

The exact cause of this fire is still being determined.


Alexandria Hoff